Personal Training

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This is your one stop shop to help you create the life you love and the body you're proud of. We'll tackle basic nutrition, workouts that you'll want to do, and make it part of YOUR lifestyle that will STICK.


Throughout your fitness journey,  you’ll learn how to:

  • Exercise safely and with good form
  • Develop workout and nutrition habits that provide a recipe for success
  • Be confident in any gym setting
  • Set attainable goals that have you experiencing small wins along the way
  • Choose which exercises and intensities are best suited to your body & goals
  • AVOID body shaming
  • Make it EASY to wake up wanting to get your workout in! (aka motivation station!)
  • Change your body in the fastest & healthiest way possible.


And THAT looks like:


Make positive changes to your body, self image and lifestyle!


No more trying random workouts off the internet and diets that never stick.


Experience a lifestyle you've always dreamed of living, and the best part - it's fun!


And you literally don't have to take my word for it - CLICK HERE to check out what all my amazing clients have had to say!



So what's included when you join?


One on One Training Sessions20160521_134338

I work with you one on one to help you nail down the perfect form on all of your major exercises. You'll learn how to activate and engage the correct muscles and master the big fundamental movements. You will learn why I choose each exercise and what muscles it works so you can apply this knowledge on your own! Each week, we develop the exercises in the program we work on together until you master it. 



Access to a Private Online Folder

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This is the best way to keep your fitness life in one place! You will receive a private Google Drive folder in
which you can access all of your programs, progress photos, guides and resources I share with you. Each of us can access it and make modification to all of your files! The best part is, you can access it from your phone or tablet as well as your desktop computer with a simple app installation. Fitness on the go at its finest!



Individualized Workout Plan

Update your goals and progress as you go. Every 4-6 weeks, (depending on your program!) I deliver you a new Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.44.38 AMworkout plan to ensure you continue seeing results and NEVER plateau. We can both edit and comment on your workouts, so you can ask questions directly on your spreadsheet! Extra bonus? You can have a permanent record of all your progress by recording the weights and reps you use each week. Access it from your phone at the gym and never leave your workout behind!



Nutritional Guidance

Focussing on your nutrition is on of the keys to a successful transformation. We begin by having you record 20160606_073902 (1)your food intake for 4-7 days and then we review it together and make small, manageable changes each weekuntil you are living a healthy lifestyle you love. Incorporate foods you love, never feel restricted and avoid crash diets that don't work. I teach you to make nutrition a healthy lifestyle.





Accountability & Check-Ins

Every 4-6 weeks, I ensure your program is optimal for your goals by checking in. We take a measuring-tapecombination of measurements, progress photos and weigh-ins to make sure you are on track and compare them to our base measurements taken on week 1. You'll learn how to effectively gauge progress & what each check-in means for YOUR body and goals.




Support & Resources

Have a burning question!? You are able to reach me 6 days per week by email to ask all of your questions and contactus-emailreview any concerns. Even better? During your sessions each week, we will have time to go over anything that sparks your interest. I also provide resources specific to each client, such as stretching plans, foam rolling guides, protein choice spreadsheets and mindset worksheets. It's really the full package!



Sound like what you need right now?




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