3 Highly Effective Programs for Cardio Interval Training

Cardio training doesn't have to be boring.


I received this topic as a question from one of our tribe members. She wanted to know what the most effective 20 minute cardio interval training program is, so I designed THREE for you to try!!! Always consult with your doctor before you begin any new exercises program as these can be INTENSE! Remember to complete a 5-10 minute warm up before you do any workout and a cool down and stretch after!

Program 1: High/Low Intervals

Equipment: Rower, Jump Rope, Treadmill or None

Beginners: Complete a 1 minute run followed by a 2 minute walk. Repeat 7x
Intermediate: Complete 1 minute of run, followed by a 1 minute walk for 10 cycles.
Advanced: Complete a 1 minute all-out sprint, followed by 30-60s of walking for 10 cycles.


Program 2: Tabata Interval Hybrid

Equipment: None or Cardio Machine

Round 1: Tabata - 20 seconds of all out intensity followed by 10s recovery, 8x in a row (Total 4 mins)
Followed immediately by 60s rest, 60s all out cardio (run, rower, elliptical etc.), 60s rest, 60s all out cardio (run, rower, elliptical etc.), 60s rest.

Repeat the same format for Round 2. You can use different exercises each round! For example, I might do high knees with my tabata and use the rower for my cardio intervals in round 1, and bike sprints for tabata and running for cardio intervals in round 2.

0:00-0:20 High Knees
0:20-0:30 Rest
(Repeat 8x)
4:00-5:00 Rest
5:00-6:00 Fast Rower
6:00-7:00 Rest
7:00-8:00 Fast Rower
8:00-9:00 Rest
Get ready for ROUND 2!


Program 3: Mixed Resistance Training

Equipment: None or minimal

Round 1: Complete each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break before starting the next move. Work all the way through each exercises A-E before taking a 30-60s rest.
MOVE A: Jump Squats
MOVE B: Pushups
MOVE C: Reverse Lunges
MOVE D: Burpees
MOVE E: Plank Jacks
30-60s REST.

Repeat 3-4x for an awesome interval workout! You can use any 5 exercises you want! The point is to WORK HARD and rest on the breaks 🙂

PS: Have you checked out my video gallery? There are over 25 fifteen minute workouts there with VIDEO demos that you can do from home! Give them a try 🙂

What's your favourite way to get your cardio done? Comment below and let us know what works BEST for you in 20 minutes.




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