How to Stop Bloating in 5 Steps

It's Monday morning and you feel the blahs. You didn't make the best meal choices this weekend, and perhaps you had a bit too much alcohol. If you've woken up to a distended stomach and feeling puffy and bloated, you know how bad this can feel.

You're in luck - I have 5 simple steps on how to de-bloat that can have you feeling normal again by tomorrow morning! Let's jump right in.


Step 1: Time to Rehydrate.
As soon as you wake up, drink 1-2 cups of water. Keeping hydrated throughout the day will instruct the body that it is no longer dehydrated and can let go of the water you are currently holding on to. Drink water throughout the day and aim to consume 1.5-2L of water by 6pm. Better yet? Swap out all of your beverages for water and eliminate alcohol. Many drinks have sweeteners, sugars, or dehydrating caffeines in them which will cause you to feel fluffy.


Step 2: Get Moving
Start the day as early as possible with MOVEMENT! This will help you get those feel good endorphins going and it gives you a great opportunity to consume more water. If you are feeling "backed up", going for a walk or exercising at the gym can help you get things moving again. Staying sedentary increases your "blah-ness", so do something you enjoy.


Step 3: Get on the Whole, Unprocessed Food Train
Right now, you're likely bloated from consuming high sugar and fatty foods in combination with feeling dehydrated. Because of this, I am going to issue you a challenge! Try to swap out processed, packaged foods for whole foods for just three days. Decreasing the sodium, sweeteners and chemicals you are intaking will help you to feel less gassy and puffy. This is a great time to eat more high water content foods, such as cucumbers, spinach and zucchini and a bit less of cruciferous vegetables - these include broccoli, cauliflower and kale which can cause gassiness.


Step 4: Pay Attention to Your Portions
If you're feeling bloated, you're probably also waking up feeling a bit fuller than usual. Use today and the next 2 days to have more smaller meals throughout the day. This will help to stop you from overeating in one sitting and keep that stuffed-full feeling away. This might be a great time to swap out some of your carbohydrates for lean, higher protein options too.


Step 5: Slow Down & Spit Out That Gum!
Sometimes, bloating can be caused by air trapped in the stomach and intestines. When you talk while you eat or eat too quickly, air can get swallowed with each bite and trapped in your digestive system, leaving you bloated and distended. Chewing gum is the same! Any excess air bubbles floating around in your gut is going to leave you feeling blah and puffy.


These are my top 5 tips to help you feel better after a weekend off track. These tips are fantastic habits to incorporate into your life on a regular basis! If you need help transforming your body, don't forget to download my free Win Your Nutrition Habit Challenge! I'll offer you a free PDF checklist to help you change those nutrition habits that are holding you back. It's free! All you have to do is click the image below and give me your email, then I'll send you your Habit Checklist to help you develop rockstar nutrition habits.


Your Coach,


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