What to Eat to Prevent Workout Heartburn

Have you ever eaten too close to a workout and felt nausea, heart burn and acid reflux for the entire workout? If this is you, then you've probably made the same mistake the following workout - eaten not enough before a workout and felt light headed, queasy and weak.


Sound familiar? Let's solve that problem.
Every person is unique with how much food their stomach can tolerate before a workout - so let's get some guidelines on the table with 3 simple rules for a happy tummy during your workout.


Rule #1: Aim to eat within 1-3 hours prior to a workout.
Eating prior to a workout ensures your blood sugar will remain steady and you won't conk out half way with the low blood sugar sweats. If you wait too long to workout, your body will have used the fuel already and you'll be running on fumes.


Rule #2: Consistency is key!
And I don't mean consistent behaviour, but whether your food is in solid form or liquid form. Liquids pass through the stomach faster than solids do so you don't feel over full during your workouts. For example, a green smoothie will empty from the stomach quicker than a bowl of oatmeal. If you have a sensitive stomach and are prone to acid reflux, go liquid!


Rule #3: Different foods digest and leave the stomach at different speeds. 
The speed a food passes out of your stomach and in to your intestines is largely determined by what it is. After it leaves the stomach, you are no longer at risk of heart burn. Carbohydrates leave the stomach first, followed by protein, then fats and lastly, fibre. Avocado on Wasa crackers would leave the stomach MUCH slower (solid fats and fibre) than a milk based protein shake (carbs and protein in liquid form).


Make sense? If you have a sensitive tummy and it is affecting your workouts, apply these three rules to your next pre-workout meal.


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