What You Need to Know About Fasted Workouts 2

Eat before your workout. Don't eat before your workout. What is the right thing to do???

If you've ever heard of fasted workouts, you'll know that they refer to working out first thing in the morning BEFORE you eat. Is this the healthiest way to workout?

Check out this video - I take a RESEARCH based analysis of the pros & cons and help you explore what is the best option for you!

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2 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About Fasted Workouts

  • Jane

    Hi Tanessa,
    I am loving the Fit in 5, thanks! As for the fasted workouts, I find it really hard to workout with even a light meal in my stomach. I feel like my stomach wants all my body’s energy to help digest the food and I want the energy/blood/oxygen for the workout. And then if I try to do a high-impact move, I can feel crampy and a little nauseous. So it’s more a matter of comfort than anything.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Tanessa Shears Post author

      Woohoo! I love that you are enjoying it. Those are tough workouts!

      Very good point. I have heard clients tell me that too – that is why there is no one fits all answer! Glad to see you have figured your solution out 😀