"Tanessa is AMAZING. She is positive, compassionate, encouraging, and a wealth of knowledge. I have been in the fitness industry for 4 years and am a personal trainer myself; but coming back from an injury, I knew I needed some help. Finding Tanessa was the best thing I have ever done. She's SO much more than a personal trainer that you see once a week; she is a coach who will help you find your potential and reach it. She doesn't just focus on eating and workouts, she digs deeper to find out how she can help you change your mindset and achieve your goals. I didn't think I would EVER be able to exercise normally after my back injury, but in 9 weeks I feel stronger, am dealing with less pain, and can do a full push up; after our sessions I feel like I can take on the world! I am so grateful for Tanessa and everything she has done for me."

- Nicole MacLeod

“Tanessa’s knowledge of fitness and ever-so-refreshing perspective on health and well-being took me from a life of dancing in circles to one grounded on an understanding of flexibility and balance. Tanessa will help you uncover your true potential and use it to achieve what may seem like your wildest of dreams.”  

- Holly Potozny  

"Tanessa's coaching method is clear and precise with your personal goals in mind. She is always pushing you to do your personal best. Aside from the professional hands-on coaching and customized work out programs, Tanessa has a wealth of knowledge in how the human works and is always happy to pass it on.  

Since having Tanessa as a Personal Trainer, I have become more confident in the gym and am no longer intimidated by the equipment. My strength and physique have improved dramatically and I am having fun while doing it. Regardless of your fitness level, Tanessa can help you achieve your goals and make you a healthier, fitter, better you."

- Fontaine Chow

"I absolutely love my sessions with Tanessa. She is super knowledgable, energetic and motivating. I have reached goals I never thought possible because of her continued effort to challenge me. Tanessa designs every program to fit my goals and address my weaknesses and follows up every week to answer any questions and provide additional support to make sure I'm progressing towards my goals. 

When I'm at the gym, I have a purpose because Tanessa gives structured programs to follow even when working out without her. Before beginning to train with Tanessa I had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise and I attribute my more positive relationship to Tanessa's positive attitude, guidance and reassurance. Get ready for an amazing journey training with Tanessa, you won't regret it"  

- Erica Monk


Find Your More Online Summit - Productivity 360 

Featured as the Wellness Habit Expert, "The 4 Essential Steps to Creating Better Health, Fitness & Productivity".

"When Tanessa talks about habits, I am like 'Ah, I’ve never seen anybody explain it this well when you apply it to wellness!' It’s not just another fad diet or cool workout of the month, it’s about how you make this work for you!” 

- Karem Mieses (Summit Host from Fun Fit Thrive)

"When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that Tanessa would ensure my health and the health of my baby while challenging me to meet my goals of healthy weight gain and a strong core to prevent common issues such as back pain and ensure a quick physical recovery postpartum."

 - Maggie Psiharis  

"I have learned just how much my body and mind are capable of! Tanessa always pushes me to my limits while making it fun. I've learned correct form on several movements and gained the confidence to be in a gym and not feel intimidated. Tanessa has not only been a great trainer, who I know genuinely cares about my progress, she has also become a great friend!" 

- Micaela Monk  

"Tanessa helped me gain back the motivation and rebuilding myself not only physically, but mentally. Ultimately the effort you put in will show, and she helps you with your journey. She has this natural ability of making the sessions fun and exciting. I look forward to seeing her, talking about the next big goals and how I can achieve them with her help.

 I’m extremely happy with my results so far and looking back at pictures I can see it. Tanessa helped me realize the figures on a scale do not dictate how I should feel about my body. This is the time I take to love my progress, to embrace my body and to have such an aspiring trainer by my side who is in my corner supporting me when I need it the most."

- Sharon Sandhu



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