#1 Misconception About Body Fat (& 3 Tips to Get Rid of It!) 2


"I'd like to tone up my tummy. Can we add ab exercises to our workouts?"

I hear this often from my clients. It is a misconception that doing exercises on a specific body part will decrease the body fat that lies over that area. This is a fitness myth called SPOT TRAINING. Click play and get in on the discussion where I give THREE tips to drop body fat.



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2 thoughts on “#1 Misconception About Body Fat (& 3 Tips to Get Rid of It!)

  • Jane

    Another awesome video, thanks Tanessa! My only question now would be: what does an effective 20 min interval cardio session look like? I always end up on the treadmill doing sprints and it gets boring! Do you have any videos on or blogs on your website that address this? Love your website and cant wait to work with you one day!

    • Tanessa Shears Post author

      Thank you Jane! I don’t have any videos up currently about that, but I have put it on the top of my list for videos to film. I appreciate your suggestion!