Have you ever set a goal, taken action on the tasks you needed to achieve it, and then never reached your goal?


Or perhaps you have been setting the SAME goal for months, even years?


Do you feel like you are taking all the right steps, but not seeing the results you anticipated?


I think I might have some insight on WHY. There is a difference between taking action towards a goal, and accomplishing your goal. (Common sense, right?) If you feel like you are running in circles and trying a hundred things that aren't quite working, it might be time to dig deep. It's time to analyze if you are going through the motions of checking "action tasks" off of your daily to-do list, or if you are taking the RIGHT actions that will FINALLY move you forward.


In this video, we discuss how you could be doing everything RIGHT - planning your meals, including more vegetables or being a fitness rockstar, and still not achieve your goal. Here's the biggest thing I can share with you: it might be time to assess whether those actions you are taking are HELPING you or whether they have you running on a hamster wheel.


Plus - I teach you my favourite strategy for reverse engineering your goals to help you determine if your actions are taking you closer to your goals or if they are keeping you stuck.


Enjoy this week's live broadcast and masterclass on understanding the difference between taking action and actually accomplishing your goals.



  • Learn the reason why you have been setting the same goal for months (or even years!)
  • How to get out of the hamster wheel rut of goal setting
  • Understand the difference between taking action vs. accomplishment
  • Understand why taking all the perfect action steps might NOT work
  • Determine which action tasks to try NEXT by using reverse engineering on your goals


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