Let’s Get to Know Each Other

I'm Sure You've Been Here Before.

You've started working out with a plan you made at home from a collection of online articles, but you can't seem to make it work. What you're doing is boring and not getting you the results you'd hoped for. You're frustrated. No fun.

You don't want to keep going to the gym and using the same five exercises. You're tired of falling into these unmotivated slumps because you lack the know-how and confidence you need to reach your goals.  You need someone to help you create a plan, learn how to exercise properly, keep you motivated and make it FUN.

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Rest Assured!

You've come to the right place! That's exactly what I do.


I Can Help.

Hi, I'm Tanessa Shears, your oh-so-fun and over the top passionate personal trainer and lifestyle coach. My passion is helping struggling clients reach their fitness goals and aspirations, one small win at a time.

I spent nearly 6 years earning my BSc. in Kinesiology before switching my focus from group training and active rehabilitation to serving brilliant clients one-on-one. Along the way, I became obsessed (in the best way!) with personal development and helping clients create their best life and body through exercise, good habits and nutrition.


The Preview.

Much like a financial planner helps you choose the best portfolio to reach your goals, I help you find the perfect execise program to keep you on target, seeing results and motivated. I dig deeper by challenging your negative beliefs and developing your confidence to keep the momentum rolling.

Through my personal coaching, whether it be one-on-one in person or online,  I give clients super practical guidance to help them achieve their goal weight, look fabulous for an event or reach person fitness milestones like a full set of chin ups!

With interactive online (and mobile accessible!) workout plans and worksheets, personal support and guidance from yours truly, you'll experience a process you'll actually ENJOY doing ;-).


Take Action.

To learn more (and discover all my fitness tips and tricks in one place), CLICK HERE! You'll be glad you did!


The Fun Extras...

...Incase you're here to find out a little bit more 😉

I'm a Canadian girl, born,  raised and still living in Vancouver. I spent nearly seven years as a lifeguard before I made the full transition to fitness leadership and personal training in 2013. I began teaching Aquafit & Group Fitness/Spin in 2008 to an ultra rad group of men and women six times per week while I finished my degree at Simon Fraser University. After graduating, I opened my business doors in 2014 and have been loving my life everyday since! Here are 5 fun facts about me:20160606_073902 (1)

  • I have a super quirky cat named Paisley that fetches and sleeps on my pillow at night.
  • I fee like I start half of my sentences with "I was listening to a podcast the other day...". What can I say, I love working on myself and my business!
  • Is it weird that I like to clean? Well, I do. My house is always tidy 🙂
  • I went through a powerlifting phase and was able to deadlift 225lbs for three reps!
  • I read a lot! Fiction, business development, training articles... I love to learn.


Official 3rd Person Bio

(If you are still reading this, I already like you!)

Tanessa Shears is a Kinesiologist, fitness educator, personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 8 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She graduated first class with distinction with her bachelor of science in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University with a concentration in Active Health & Rehabilitation. She also has a certificate in Health & Fitness Studies.

Tanessa is passionate about health and fitness, both in her career and in personal life. Tanessa is an experience, elite personal trainer who operates her own personal training business out of Vancouver, BC. Her focus on quality customer service and results oriented training make her a leader in the fitness industry. Tanessa continues to conduct personal training sessions that result in satisfied, loyal clients. She motivates her students and clients through knowledge and results!